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Streamer of the Week: JakeBrawn

I feel like I’ve seen this week’s streamer before…he might be an actor or something.

Here’s an interview:


Where are you from?
Originally from Maine but have been living in California the past few years.

What do you want the world to know about you?
Just a normal guy who loves helping others and making people laugh :).

What platform do you stream on?

How long have you been streaming?
Random occasional streams over a year, on a consistent basis close to two months.

What is your favorite and less favorite thing about streaming?
Favorite thing would be being able to interact and connect with people all over the world.  Less favorite would be the people who just want to troll people and be a jerk to others, but that’s always a possibility when on any social media.

What games are you playing right now?
Let’s see *Deep inhale* Overwatch, League of Legends, Dead by Daylight, Paladins, Guitar hero/Rock band, Hearthstone, Divinity Original Sin 2, PUBG, and Fortnite in no particular order.

What was your favorite game as a child?
Donkey Kong 64.

Explain your twitch/gaming handle.
I’ve used my name as my handle for about ten years, I’ve just preferred being able to be known by my name then some long random username filled with X’s and numbers.  Also when people get angry when I’m winning it’s also satisfying hearing someone curse at you using your own name ;).

Single? (Asking for a friend of course)
No, already found my Player 2.

Do you like long walks on the beach?
Yeah, would be awkward if I moved to a coastal state and didn’t.

Favorite food?
Pizza, always.

As a streamer I’m sure you’ve talked to people all around the world. Any place you dream of visiting?
Anywhere in the UK.

If you had to compare your looks to a celebrity who would it be?
Jay Baruchel, only because too many friends have said so.

Rudest thing someone has said or requested on stream?
Probably the worst was someone joining in saying that my stream was shit and that nobody would watch me.

Favorite hobby outside of gaming/streaming?
Running Spartan race’s, or generally anything that pushes the limits of what I can do.

Outside of streaming do you work? If so doing what?
Video editing.

Boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs, best of both worlds.

Do you see streaming lasting and getting bigger or do you see the stream craze bubble popping?
It will only grow and evolve, YouTube used to be this joke foe most people to make about the younger generation wasting time on the internet and now look at it.  Twitch will do the same, what exactly it will look like in the end is anyone’s guess.

As a dude…do you ever make lady characters? Why?
Yeah, why not.  There’s plenty of games where you play as a female protagonist by default, why not mix things up sometimes and make a female character in a game where you can customize.

Going to twitchcon this year?
If it’s still in California 100%, if it’s not we will see.

Is there a streamer you’ve always wanted to meet?
Not really.

Is there a streamer that inspired you to start streaming?
Not a streamer but I have spent almost 5 years watching markiplier, it always managed to make some of the really rough days not as bad.  I wanted to be able to do the same for others through streaming, where I could make people laugh and chat with them for a bit and help others days be better.

How are you different than the other million streams?
I’m very big on engagement, I strive to respond to every person in chat and try to get as many people involved in the stream as I can.  I see some channels out there that seem like twitch is a secondary thing and whatever they are doing is top priority, and for me it’s the opposite.

Social security number? Mother’s maiden name? And the 3 digits on the back of your credit card please?
420-69-1337, what’s a maiden name? ;), and don’t worry the cards already maxed out :p


Watch him on the channel with the people that do the things

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Streamer of the Week: Infamous_Lite

Comin’ out of NorCar (I hear that’s what the youths are calling it), this week’s streamer reps the BTTC Squad and is a corrupter of children (I don’t know if that second one is true. But maybe.)

Here’s an interview:

Age: 40

Where are you from?
I am from North Carolina

What do you want the world to know about you?
I love Unicorns & Zombies…(weird I know)

What platform do you stream on?
I stream on XBOX, I hope to expand to PS4 & PC soon.

How long have you been streaming?
Seriously, for little over a year.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about streaming?
My favorite thing about streaming is, being able to game & entertain at the same time. Least favorite thing is people trolling your streams making derogatory remarks.

What games are you playing right now?
I play all kinds of games currently I have been on a lot of PUBG, FortNite, Killing Floor & COD. Just to name a few.

What was your favorite game as a child?
My favorite game as a child was any Mario game. My mom played them with us.

Explain your twitch/gaming handle?
My Twitch name (infamous_lite) came from when I first started gaming heavy on Call of Duty & people used to talk not so nice to me, I would talk sh*t back & better than them, so whenever I came into a lobby people knew who I was.

Single? (asking for a friend of course)
Yes, I am single.

Do you like long walks on the beach?
I just love the beach!

Favorite food?
My favorite food is Chicken Parmesan.

Anyone ever say you have a mustache? You don’t… but just wondering
No to the mustache question. Lol

Rudest thing someone has said or requested on stream?
The rudest thing was the people trolling, coming in with the racist comments & also calling me fat (but have you seen me?)

Favorite hobby outside gaming/streaming?
Outside of gaming or streaming, I like to spend time with my kids (movies, bowling etc.) & taking them to special events.

Outside streaming, do you work? If so, what?
Outside of streaming, I do work. I am a manager at a Food Market.

As a streamer, I’m sure you’ve talked to people all around the world. Any place you dream of visiting?
I have dreamed of visiting Spain.

Do you see streaming lasting and getting bigger, or do you see the stream craze bubble popping?
I think streaming will be around for a while, especially with all the changes that have been made to make it easier & allowing you to stream other things besides video games.

As a lady… do you ever make male characters? Why?
As a lady, I rarely make male characters, if I have a choice, because I want people to see themselves get smacked by a female lol.

Going to Twitchcon this year?
If my finances allow it, I will go.

Is there a streamer you’ve always wanted to meet?
Currently there isn’t a streamer that I’ve always wanted to meet that I haven’t met already.

How are you different than the other million female streamers?
I feel that I am different from the other female streamers because I don’t do it for the attention, I truly think that my team & I am very entertaining & think that we should share that with others. True gamers play it all, not just what is in right now & not what everyone else is doing.

No further questions…lol

Watch her do the stuff at the place

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This week in news, we want to talk about being real. It’s tough to be real, Like the kind of real that’s really real. Like the realness that’s rarely realised. Cause real realities rankle rating ranks. Realizing rancorous ratings, reactionaries reproduce randomness, removing relatability. Randoms respond, redoubling roasts.


There’s an article that posits that The Doc is struggling for authenticity after [drama] and questions whether all streamers have trouble with the same thing.

So you better take a good long look in the mirror, cause I’m not sure if who you are is who you say you who you are. That is to say that I question whether the “who” that makes up the “you are” portion of the sentence exist as the same thing at one and the same time.

And I need to know now more so than ever. Stakes are getting higher as twitch is recorded pulling in as many viewers as these fake-news stations.



And it’s not only them that’s going to be grasping at your true self, but Google and Facebook are trying to catch the speedboat that is twitch.



In other news:


Streamer decides to cover up in response to twitch’s new, stricter rules and regulations.





And Snoop does some streaming – The most interesting thing about this article is the comments, which have a very “get off my lawn” feel.

That’s the news. Go have a weekend.

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